Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Deep Angry Poem

My Deep Angry Poem

Everyone tells me to be myself
But I want to call everyone a stupid short elf
Everyone tells me to follow my heart
But all I want to do is eat chips and drink pop and fart
Everyone tells me to follow my dreams
But I want to punch them until they burst at the seams
Everyone tells me to think on my own
But I want everyone to follow my commands while I sit on a golden throne
Everyone tells me to be my own man
But I want to stick their heads in the sand

If I did whatever I wanted
I’d end up on the list of “Most Wanted”
If I said whatever I thought
I’d end up beaten or shot
I’m receiving mixed messages right now
Do I do the things people expect or call everyone a big fat cow

It’s not that I’m all bad you see
There is actually a quite large good side in me
But the dark side speaks much much louder
It takes much less wisdom and love and in the end it gives you much much more power

It’s one thing to ask if I’ll do what’s expected
Or if I will do whatever I have elected
But it’s a whole different story to find which emotions I follow
Part of me wants to help others at whatever expense but another wants to do what’s best for me, even if it causes others great sorrow
There are so many feelings that flow inside me
In the end the person I become will be from which feelings I follow along with which way the wind guides me

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