Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Assembly Line

My whole life I’ve been stuck on this assembly line
They tell me when it’s over I will be fine
But for some reason I don’t believe it
I want to control my own life and get up and leave it

First it gave me all sorts of rules
And then it shipped me off to school
Next it told me what is right and wrong
While it pushed my along with a cattle prong

It is always operating on my mind
While it contaminates my heart to make sure I don’t shine
I can already feel its horrible work
But in my mind escape plans still lurk

Everybody else just follows along
But I don’t want to be stuck in this planned out song
But if I jump of this machine that makes me fit in
They’ll throw me in the loony bin
I want to get off this assembly line and enjoy my life
But what they’ll do then will cause great strife
The things they’ll do if I escape make me worry
But it’s worth it just to plan my own journey
To get out of this system takes great courage
But if I do my heart will flourish

I need to use my brain while I still have it
You never know when the machine will spring up and grab it
Maybe they’re right and I’m insane
Or maybe the assembly line has already replaced their brains

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